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Thank you for purchasing the High Quality Graphics Collections.

Below is the links to download the graphics. You can choose to download either by category or all categories in one file. Each file is compressed in .rar format files. The files have been secured by the password and to get the password, please whatsapp +60146069996 and write down the detail of your payment including your name, phone number, email and paypal reference number.

Please download all the files in 7 days because the download page will be deleted after 7 days.

If there are any problems or you do not have enough time to download all these files, please contact us by email ( or whatsapp +60146069996.

Have a nice day =)

Thank you.

One File (All Modules)


Module By Category
Module 1: High Impact Headlines.
Module 2: Feature Boxes.
Module 3: Sales Funnel Diagrams.
Module 4: Fast Action Bonus Boxes.
Module 5: Pricing Tables.
Module 6: Testimonial Boxes.
Module 7: Irresistible Trial Statements.
Module 8: One-Time Offer Headline Stoppers.
Module 9: Order Steps Explainions.
Module 10: Tick Tock Countdown Timers.
Module 11: Compelling Call to Actions.
Module 12: Iron Clad Guarantee Seals.
Module 13: Special Badges.
Module 14: Arrows, Bullets, Checkmarks.
Module 15: Social Media Icons.
Module 16: Moody Background Textures.
Module 17: Sales Video Skin.
Module 18: Trendy Mobile Squeeze Pages.
Module 19: FB Timeline Cover.
Module 20: Banner Ads.

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